For millennia jewelry has acted as symbol and signifier of a wearers identity. We broadcast our status, affiliations, and beliefs through adornment. In what way does a global perspective change not only what we put on the body but also what we make for the body? How does the idea of global affect our personal, cultural, and national identities? Designers and artists from different continents were invited to think about these questions and to design a new piece of jewelry that might show our global identity, or that reflects on global issues.

In this group exhibition, Atelier HOKO presented INDEX RING, a form of fingertip protection that should be removed only when using digital interfaces that require the index finger’s participation.

Atelier Ted Noten
Bertjan Pot
Dinie Besems
Gijs Bakker
Hector Lasso
Atelier HOKO
Kerianne Quick
Manon van Kouswijk
Natasja Boezem
Noon Passama
Paolo Ulian
Studio Homunculus
Study O Portable
Sylvain Georget

“Global Identity” by CHP…?
9 – 14 April, 2013
Salone del Mobile
Ventura Lambrate, Milan

Photo Credit: Ilco Kemmere