In April 2022, two hundred pieces of Atelier HOKO’s rubbish were sealed and distributed through the latest two publications from the Science of the Secondary series. We recognize that it is unusual to receive rubbish, much less so in a labeled package numbered in limited editions. Our intention is for you, the reader to ask “What to do with it?” Because it is not your rubbish, but in a way, you paid for it when you purchased the set of books. Will you trust Atelier HOKO enough to open the bag and extract the rubbish to examine without fear of unknown contaminants? Will you–after reading Science of the Secondary: Bin–decide to dispose of it intentionally? If so, will this be the first time you dispose of rubbish out of curiosity than necessity? Conversely, if the decision is to keep the rubbish, where will you keep it, and will it go against your natural instinct to bin all that is rubbish?

This Bundle includes:
#12 Science of the Secondary: Bin
#13 Science of the Secondary: Rubbish
+ a packet of rubbish

The “rubbish” in the packet has served us in the production process of both publications.
Most were featured in either book.

Edition of 200.